Shizuku Mizutani
[[File:702d8b97591724aad4afb8c165499f761351639885 full|210px|]]
Vital statistics
Position Student
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 170cm
Weight 58kg
 Shizuku Mizutani (水谷 雫 Mizutani Shizuku) is the main female protagonist of the story. She is very diligent in her studies, dedicating the majority of her attention and time to focus on her academics. She met Haru Yoshida when delivering classroom printouts. She maintains a distant and passive demeanor, only changing slightly after her meeting with Haru. He expanded her circle of relations and extended her view and experience of emotions. She falls in love with him later on. She is rejected after confessing her feelings, being able to engage in a romantic relationship only after Haru's feelings are certain. She does not like losing her no. 1 rank, displaying much disdain when Haru continually beats her in exams. She has had trouble in communicating with her mother, often worrying of the bother she would impose upon her work. Haru helped close the distance, and her intimacy with her mother has increased to the point where she could phone her, albeit nervously, about love problems. Shizuku and Haru officially become a couple in volume 8, although in the bonus comic at the end of the issue they realize that they had pretty much already been a couple before, just never officially putting a label on their relationship. Although very serious and considered cold by many for her no-nonsense and blunt attitude, Shizuku nevertheless allows for Asako to affectionately call her "Mitty" (ミッティ Mitti?), a nickname which sprung up when Shizuku helped her know the right things to study for the midterm retest which resulted in Asako considering Shizuku her first true and best friend.

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